• Lafferty News: A New Chapter

    As we look to improve our news and insight service for our busy professional readership, we are making some changes to Lafferty News. Besides introducing more audiovisual content to our newsletters, from video material to podcasts, more of our valuable research and analysis content is now available for non-subscribers. (more…)

  • Finding quality in banks (3/4): Learning from crises

    The first theme we picked up in our forensic survey of 100 banks, undertaken for Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings, was the large number of new banks in the higher-star bands. Perhaps it is stretching the “new-bank” idea too far, but one could make the point that the two Nordic four-star banks, Swedbank and Handelsbanken, were totally reborn during devastating financial crises. So perhaps a second theme could be that the top echelons contain some banks that are learning from crises. (more…)

  • Finding quality in banks (1/4): Beauty before Age

    In the first of a series of articles, Aongus Buckley outlines the conclusions that can be drawn from the debut edition of the Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings journal.

    What are the characteristics that quality banks have? Which of the world’s banks rank highest in terms of overall quality? What does “overall quality” mean? (more…)

  • Niche opportunities in the air at Money20/20 Europe

    Advertising itself as the world’s biggest fintech event, Money20/20 arrived in Europe for the first time this week, with Copenhagen playing host, writes Rónán Lynch, our man on the ground at the event. (more…)

  • Judging banks by their own words – and deeds

    Initial results from Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings (LBQR) show that ‘too big to fail’ universal banks continue to struggle worldwide. (more…)

  • Finding quality in banks (4/4): Leadership

    We now arrive at the third theme that emerged from our survey of 100 banks in the inaugural issue of Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings: the importance of the CEO. When discussing the nature of bank quality with central bankers, regulators and bankers, we found that all placed a great deal of weight on the CEO of the bank. Apart from the recent troubles at Swedbank, there are several very impressive figures at the top of the banks in the four- and five-star categories. (more…)

  • Finding quality in banks (2/4): Strategy counts in quality banks

    In the second instalment of his series, Aongus Buckley outlines the conclusions that can be drawn from the debut edition of the Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings journal.

    Strategy is probably the area in which the four- and five-star banks stand out the most. Almost all have extremely clear strategies, while banks on fewer stars often have much fuzzier strategies. (more…)

  • Tower of COBOL

    The IT side of UK financial services is rooted in an ancient programming language — and, alas, in a fondness for short cuts as well.


  • Striking results from Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings

    This month we have been welcoming readers to the inaugural issue of the Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings journal. For the first time, we are going public with our ratings — and the 100 banks we have scored for overall quality are the largest by stock market capitalisation in 28 countries. (more…)

  • Barclays pulling out of Africa

    Barclays has maintained a presence in Africa for more than a century. Barclays Africa Group Limited, which includes the South African bank Absa, is one of the largest banks on the continent, with 45,000 employees — a third of all Barclays staff — and 1,267 branches across 12 countries, including Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. (more…)