• Accountability in banking

    There can’t be too many banks out there that include a recipe section as part of their website’s offering. But Happy State Bank does – and the recipes come from the bank’s staff.

  • Bank or fintech? BankMobile’s strategy revealed

    The couple – in their late twenties or early thirties – leap barefoot from the balcony of what looks like a beach house. He’s wearing a hipster-ish moustache and a printed shirt; she’s wearing a printed jumpsuit. They might have escaped from the 1970s, but in fact they’re the desirable demographic known as Millennials, and they feature on the front page of the BankMobile website. It’s clear what customers BankMobile is going after. (more…)

  • The human factor

    Imagine a world where your body, as represented by a set of vital signs, occupies a space on the blockchain and a unique place in the Internet of Things (IoT).  (more…)

  • A leader’s job

    Many years ago, I worked for a company where the boss allegedly confided in a colleague (who subsequently told me) that his immediate underlings, his deputies and next in line for his position, were hand-picked idiots. (more…)

  • Suresh Ramamurthi’s supercharged community bank

    Banker and software entrepreneur Suresh Ramamurthi is hesitant to use the word ‘disruption’ when talking about his businesses. As he explains it, he simply finds ways around problems in the making of transactions. “Human beings,” he says, “have been making transactions since the dawn of time.”

  • China UnionPay contemplates IPO

    China UnionPay, one of the world’s largest cards payment networks alongside Visa and MasterCard, is contemplating an IPO. However, it is not yet clear whether this would embrace the China–based parent or UnionPay International, a subsidiary that is rapidly expanding worldwide in partnership with a variety of banks, cards companies and national cards networks. One of these is National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a state–owned company created under the jurisdiction of Reserve Bank of India.

  • Banking innovation: free white paper

    When a particular arena of human endeavour is fizzing with change and excitement abounds, it takes some discipline to maintain a critical distance, to adopt what one could call a ‘Martian view’. The new white paper from our colleague John Egan, head of Innovation and Foresight here at Lafferty, contains the fruit of that discipline, a hallmark of his work for many years.


  • Gulliver’s threat to travel exposes HSBC’s weak position

    HSBC’s Q1 results, which were ahead of analysts’ expectations on both the cost and impairment line, were rather overshadowed by comments made by Stuart Gulliver, the bank’s chief executive, on the conference call.  (more…)

  • American Express antitrust defeat is everybody’s defeat

     The recent antitrust decision by a federal court in New York could potentially destroy American Express. It is so excessive in its reach that it will likely backfire on the merchant parties it aimed to benefit, damage other industries across the commercial landscape and tarnish the credibility of the plaintiff, the US Department of Justice (DoJ), for years to come (more…)

  • Eeyore or Oracle?

    The Daily Telegraph may not be now what it once was, a shift most dramatically illustrated by the guns-blazing departure of Peter Oborne a few months back from his post as chief political commentator, citing as he went a “click culture” that is all too easily seen on the home page of its website, nowadays bedecked with link-bait.